RescueTime for Mobile

Automatically track screen time and build better habits

RescueTime’s new iOS and updated Android apps help you understand and control the time you spend on your phone so you can build healthier habits and focus on doing more of the things you love.

- Automatically track your screen time

- Set custom screen time goals and get alerted when you go over

- See how your screen time impacts your focus

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Hey everyone! Like most people, I couldn’t imagine a life without my phone. It helps me stay connected with loved ones, look up recipes for dinner, watch funny puppy videos, and not get lost. But, like most people as well, I sometimes feel like my phone is taking over my life. In fact, when we looked at data from current RescueTime users, we found that most people spend more than 3 hours on their phone and can’t go 3 minutes without checking them! Personally, I spend about 15 hours per week looking at my phone, which shocked me when I saw the data. That’s why we spent the last few years updating and creating a new RescueTime Mobile experience. Not only do the new apps help you see how you’re using your phone and set custom goals, but they also give you rich insights into how your phone use impacts the rest of your day and your attention, focus, and productivity. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions!
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I feel this is just late at this point. I apprciate it but as a long time user I’m rather disappointed. Both iOS and Android have built in solutions now


Nice to have the reports on the go


It cannot actually track app usage on iOS devices and the app description is not clarifying this properly.

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Been using this for 4+ years. Also paid for it in the past. One of the best apps to use on Mac! Thanks for building and finally nice to see here on PH.
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This seems interesting & super easy to use, just downloaded. Congrats on the launch @robby1066 My only feedback: "allow this app to control your Mac" step might scare a few people so maybe on the screen that precede you can specify a bit in detail what exactly you'll control. I know you have no mean intention or violate privacy, just a suggestion.
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@meseali Good suggestion, and something we've seen people ask questions about. The next version of the installer has some more explicit messaging around what we actually do there.
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