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Hey Kevin, Thank you for hunting us. Hello Product Hunt! I am Subhadeep Mondal, Product Manager at SignEasy. Trusted by over 3 millions users, SignEasy is the simplest and fastest way to sign documents on your mobile, tablet & desktop. We’ve been featured by Apple & Google among the Best Business Apps, and off late, some of you might have spotted us in the recent iPhone 6s commercial or among the preinstalled apps among demo devices at the Apple retail stores across the world. We are excited to finally bring out the Request Signature feature to SignEasy - the feature will let users send a document for signature to anyone and get it back signed, in minutes. This feature takes SignEasy from being a self-signing solution to a more business-critical solution where users can invite others to sign - a common business requirement. So far, this feature has been available largely on enterprise-grade eSignature platforms. We are excited to bring it to a growing audience of freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, remote teams, and small businesses. We release this feature last week and the initial traction and reviews have kept us excited. We are now looking forward to get some valuable feedback from the Product Hunt Community. I am around with my team and will be glad to answer you questions and hear your feedback. Feel free to hit us up ! Meanwhile, we have some love to give back to the PH community. Redeem the code PRODUCTHUNT at during signup to get a 30-day free trial of SignEasy Business plan.
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@smondal1008 Hey Subhadeep, Is there a feature whereby I can send a doc to multiple people (50+) and have them all sign it individually without all appearing on the same doc. I.e. I have 50 instances of a model release for 50 models. What's the best way to get them each to sign their own copies?
With the Request Signature feature, you can invite others to sign by adding their email addresses and specifying the order of signing. Once the request is sent, the signers are notified to sign the document. All parties receive the completed document once everyone has signed it.
I love SignEasy. Been using it for over a year now. One feature I'd love to see implemented: a "copy" or "duplicate" feature where you can select a text box that you've already typed and simply duplicate it again onto the same document. This will save loads of time when you're forced to write your name in a few slots, etc. Keep up the great work.
@dannyfiorentini Hey Danny ! Thanks for the love. :) The feature suggestion is definitely a great one, and it does appear in our roadmap. Meanwhile, there are a couple of workarounds I can suggest. 1) There's a History option which you can use after you choose to inset Text. It pulls up the recent text items inserted. (Ref: 2) For frequently used text fields, you can use Custom Fields option for quicker insertion. You find and set the option under Settings > Personal Details. (Ref: I hope these options help you in the meantime :) . Thanks for dropping by and leaving your feedback.
@bhupinder87 So that's what that clock icon does! haha. Ok great thanks for this.
Have worked with the team. Amazing Team. Highly Motivated. Nice to see the features adding up so quickly :)
@harshamv Thanks a lot :)
Definitely my go to app for signing. Almost feels like the real thing
@ibbe_raja Glad you find SignEasy helpful. Thanks. :)