Request Create

A simple way to get paid in crypto

Request Create is a simple way to request payment in cryptocurrency while keeping your transactions organized and well-documented.
Put in the amount, share the link, and get paid. It’s that easy.
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Hey PH, First off, thanks so much for hunting us @katmanalac. Brice from the Request team here. Request Create is a new version of our foundational app that allows you to request payment in cryptocurrency. Our goal as a product team is to make crypto usable in day-to-day life. The last version of the app facilitated over $1,000,000 in payments for individuals and businesses around the globe. With this release, we’ve added some tasty features such as removing gas (the fees required to power a transaction) to create a request, open requests (so that you don’t have to know the payer’s address upfront) and a secure payment environment called Request Pay. Some useful information: - You’ll need a Web3 browser to use the app; we recommend Metamask on desktop - The app is optimized on mobile for Coinbase and Trust Wallet. All other wallets have not been thoroughly tested, so the experience may be sub-optimal - You do not need to specify a Payer’s ethereum address. Feel free to leave it open and send them a link via email, SMS or any other messaging service - All transactions are stored on the blockchain; they’re guaranteed to be immutable and will persist even if we go out of business Thanks for reading! 💪 Let us know what you think below.
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I love this product and am planning on integrating it into Swiss Key. The ability to request funds in crypto has been a challenge that RequestNetwork has solved. This means is that from a flow perspective it will take be super streamlined... Requestor 1)Open Swiss Key 2)Hit Request 3)Enter Amount and optional memo 4)Click share 5)Send link to whoever you want to pay you Requestee 1)Click on URL link 2)Opens Swiss Key 3)Slide to Confirm payment 4)Memo gets stored against transaction in your wallet. I love the open request concept. I also love the ability to request money from a fund or DAO. MakerDAO uses this tech to allow people to apply for microgrants by putting their known fund address in the request...this makes it easy for them to approve funding and grants from a single dashboard. This is how charities, philanthropists, venture funds and even governments can reduce friction and become more effective. Keep up the good work guys and congrats on the $1m milestone!
@kylekemper Thanks for the kind words and support 💪 Loving that mobile flow 😎 Those are all great use cases. The ability to give those institutions the tools to be more transparent is super compelling as well.
Really appreciate the issue Request solves. Both providing an interface for bookkeeping as well as a place to easily create payable links. Blockchain UX is sorely missing, and projects like this move the ball forward. We're excited to integrate them into our process for donating to the Collab19 DAO: Open for onboarding!
@james_duncan Thanks a lot for the support! 💃 It's great to hear we can support a donating/fundraising campaign to battle Covid19 by being integrated - there is for sure potential for further collaboration. Let's discover! 💪