Represent LA

An interactive map of the LA tech startup community

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I'm so delighted to see our startup map on Product Hunt! @tara, @seanbonner and I made this a few years ago because we knew LA had several distinct but somewhat isolated tech clusters. We wanted LA's startup community to be more connected and to see its whole self. We also wanted to show the world how active LA's startup culture has become beyond "Silicon Beach". I've since open-sourced the code so other cities can use it too. Here's a meta map of other cities using the code. It's a bit out of date — I think there are now many more.
Love this!
Silicon Beach here we come!
This is great, it really shows how dispersed the LA tech community is, while at the same time showing how there is a trend towards the beach. I can say for sure this does not show the complete picture, as there are lots of tech startups here that aren't listed.
@narekk thanks! You're right that the map is still incomplete — the city is always growing, and the map's data is community-contributed, so it's always a work in progress. Submit a few that you think are missing! :)