Custom dashboard reporting tool for SEO, PPC & SEM agencies

Reportz was built with only two simple goals in mind: 1. To save loads of your time on monthly and weekly reporting; 2. To make your clients and bosses happy by providing them with clear, concise and easily-understandable KPI reports.

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Hey PH, Rad from Reportz & Four Dots here :) Quick info: all Product Hunters have 3 free dashboards forever if they use the "PRODUCTHUNT<3" coupon in the process of registration for trial. Four Dots is a digital marketing agency with over 300 clients (both our own and our partners’), which requires quite a bit of time for weekly or monthly reporting and basic client servicing ("how many conversions we had yesterday", "what is last week’s AdWords ROI", etc). That's the reason why we built, new dashboard reporting tool for SEO, PPC & SEM agencies, consultants or managers. A couple of neat features: ● Full free white-label solution by using, custom colors, logos and image backgrounds ● Unlimited number of widgets per dashboard ● Predefined templates for quick reports setup ● Custom data range selector (inspiration by Google Analytics) ● Responsive, mobile-friendly design, for checking your KPI's in the coffee queue ● Importing data from CSV’s and uploading images ● Much more to come
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You can create one super report with all the widgets and sources available.


Custom widgets, various sources available in one report, templates


First time is a bit slow until you get familiar with all the options available as with any other tool

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Yeah, onboarding is a bit slower, but we're working on the guides, help documents, and some funky videos to sort this problem out.

For our company, where analytics plays a big role, this helps us a lot to track what we need, our week as well as strong spots.

It looks like Google Analytics on steroids.


Sums up all important info in one place


I'm a design freak, I would like to see a bit improvement in that field.

Thanks Milos! :) If you have any recommendations regarding design feel free to let us know :)
Congrats on the launch, it’s been long time in the making. When do you expect other services to be integrated?
Hi @eniac, I expect that other integrations will be in the work from next week. First, we'll integrate Bing paid ads and Zapier, which we expect to finish in the next 20 days. After that, we'll see which integrations users require the most :)
@eniac Hello, We are currently working on new integrations and first to come will be Bing Paid and Zapier. Do you have any suggestions wich integrations could we implement more? :)
Looks really interesting. Both, from functionality and design point of view. Added to my collection. Let me get back to you with feedback after testing :)
@marek_pasieczny Thank you Marek! We are looking forward hearing from you! :)
Hey @marek_pasieczny :) If needed, we can organize a quick walkthrough call (like 10 or 15 minutes) so we can explain all the fine details and hacks with the platform. It really works well for us, so hopefully, other people will be happy as well :)