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Issues, time & cost centre analysis across repositories

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This is a single page application that enhances Gitlab:

- Daily/Monthly report of issues handled across repositories.

- Important flags such as “due dates being exceeded”

- Compare estimated hours vs. spent hours.

- Allocate repos to cost centers and get reports on time spent split by bugs & features.

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Ankush Chatterjee


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Mukesh Yadav
Mukesh Yadav@muke5hy · Tech Lead
The website seems to be down.
Divyansh Goenka
Divyansh GoenkaMaker@divyansh_goenka · RJS
@muke5hy Hi, yes there was an error during the posting. The site is reachable at
Rajat Agarwalla
Rajat AgarwallaMaker@agarwallar · Co-Founder RJS
@muke5hy Were you able to access? Let us know.
Tommy Chan
Tommy Chan@tommytcchan · Crypto head - HODL all the way
This could be a good tool to analyze open source projects on Github but it's def an interesting concept!
Divyansh Goenka
Divyansh GoenkaMaker@divyansh_goenka · RJS
@tommytcchan Surely! We plan to open source it soon, and then if there are relevant API's available on GitHub, one could port it for that too..
Rajat Agarwalla
Rajat AgarwallaMaker@agarwallar · Co-Founder RJS
@tommytcchan Glad you liked the concept, we'd be happy to work on this further ... please send your recommendations.
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @ankush_chatterjee, @divyansh_goenka & @agarwallar, Can you tell us more about what you've built here? Which aspect are you most proud of?
Divyansh Goenka
Divyansh GoenkaMaker@divyansh_goenka · RJS
Hi Jacqueline, The purpose of the product is this: although Gitlab is a great software project management syste, the community edition lacks some reporting features. This tool fills that gap in the following manner: - It offers daily / monthly reports of time spent by each team member on various issues. - Team members can view their daily task list across various repositories. This helps them plan their day. - Important issues are flagged such as “time spent on issues without a due date being allocated”, “due dates being exceeded” - Management can see comparison of estimated hours vs. spent hours. - Management can see reports of all issues handled by a team member during a month along with their due date status. - Allows management to tag Repositories to cost centers. This helps find out how much resource was allocated to each cost center over a period. - If the issues are tagged as a Bug or Feature, then the cost center report will automatically allocate the resource share. A very useful feature for management to keep track of how the development is progressing