Repo Remover

Archive or delete multiple GitHub repos with a single click.

Repo Remover helps you quickly and easily archive, or delete multiple GitHub repos with a single click. Your repos are listed in a table which can be filtered, sorted, and searched. All you need to do is select the repos, choose the action, and click a button!
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Just found this and used it. A really smart implementation. I am cautious of online scripts, etc, if you are remember to revoke the token when you’re done deleting.

I would love to see support for GitLab


Great Idea


GitHub only

Thanks @hexandcube! I’m totally open to adding support for GitLab, it’s great and I have some repos there too.
Hey everyone! This is a little tool I built to make my life, and other GitHub users' lives just a little bit easier. I was doing some Spring cleaning and figured there should be a quicker, and easier way to cleanup several repos at once, safely and securely. Repo Remover is free to use, and 100% open source: If you find this useful, or have any feedback please let me know!
@zmoolla Do our PATs get sent to your server? I suppose so, you should take down your site or put up a clear warning and work on a version that doesn't collect PATs.
@ajay_kapur1 that's a great question! User tokens are not stored/collected/recorded at all. The app was designed to be serverless, so everything happens on the client side. That's also why Repo Remover is open source, so others can verify this, and trust that I'm not collecting any private information. Also, if anyone wants, they can simply fork the repo and run the code locally if they don't believe me.