Get more email replies with embedded buttons and surveys

Replybutton is an email outreach tool that helps customer-facing people to get more replies to emails by adding reply buttons, polls, and surveys.
Make it easy for your customers to reply your emails with 1-click and get more replies than ever.
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Interesting product, and congrats on the launch :) I tried the product and sent a test mail but the reply buttons do not seem to work -- I tried gmail and zoho. Anything I need to enable?
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@wayfarerish Hi Rishi, test emails show how it will seem in recipient’s inbox like a preview. To see reply buttons on work, please try our demo. Thanks
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Interesting to try and see how to improve the response rate of some emails! Is it going to be FREE forever? What’s the business plan then?
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@bernardamus Hi, we will keep free for 1 user forever and will charge for teams later.
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hello there, congrats on launch. what happens if other side is on outlook/yahoo or corporate email client ?
@francoolaami Hi Franco, thanks :) nothing changes depending on the email clients. It works same in all inboxes.
How do I change the destination link of the buttons?
@leovbranco Hi Leonardo, it is not possible now but it is on our development list. I will let you know when we complete it.
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Congrats on the launch! I saw Movenpick hotels is a client and just wondering the use case for them. Is their sales team using it for group and events prospecting?
@mwtbrowser Thanks Adam! Yes, they use it for group prospecting and also trying for feedback.