Email marketing tool with call-to-action buttons

#3 Product of the DayApril 15, 2019
It's hard to get replies to emails nowadays and the biggest friction to give a reply is don't know what to write. Replybutton allows you to send emails with reply buttons below and make it easier for recipients to reply your email with 1-click.
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Hi everyone, People are busy and get too many emails everyday. Because of that, it's very hard to get replies to emails and we created to solve this problem. To increase reply rates, we added 1-click call-to-action buttons below emails. Most of emails need short and simple replies like yes / no. You can get more replies, increase conversions and know exactly who is interested/not. Replybutton is totally free. Please shoot me an email for any questions Try here for free. Everything can be done with a click, why not replying an email?
Interesting product, and congrats on the launch :) I tried the product and sent a test mail but the reply buttons do not seem to work -- I tried gmail and zoho. Anything I need to enable?
@wayfarerish Hi Rishi, test emails show how it will seem in recipient’s inbox like a preview. To see reply buttons on work, please try our demo. Thanks
Interesting to try and see how to improve the response rate of some emails! Is it going to be FREE forever? What’s the business plan then?
@bernardamus Hi, we will keep free for 1 user forever and will charge for teams later.
hello there, congrats on launch. what happens if other side is on outlook/yahoo or corporate email client ?
@francoolaami Hi Franco, thanks :) nothing changes depending on the email clients. It works same in all inboxes.
How do I change the destination link of the buttons?
@leovbranco Hi Leonardo, it is not possible now but it is on our development list. I will let you know when we complete it.