Replace Cover

Create beautiful cover art for your Spotify playlists

Replace Cover is a little tool that enables anyone to create consistent cover arts for their Spotify playlists. Works with other music services too.

Backstory: I'm a product designer who wanted to learn React.js, so I spent some evenings & a couple weekends learning, building & shipping this app over the course of 10 days.

Should designers code?

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Fun idea, @raduceuca! Here's my new playlist cover art: Feature request: ability to upload a background image.
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@rrhoover Woohoo, Thank you! integration in the works, same with custom images. This has been more of a fun little way for me to learn React.js in a week by building and shipping something fun! Cheers! Radu
Hey Product Hunt! Thought I'd also share the "Official" Spotify playlist of this app. This is what I've been listening to the last week or so, while building Replace Cover. A combination of funk, soul, r&b & indie stuff. Original Soundtrack »» Enjoy & thank you for the positive reactions! Radu

I use Replace Cover for my Spotify playlists. I love the simplicity of the product. Big up!


Easy to use, nice graphics


Would love to see Replace Cover integrated directly in Spotify

Cheers, Andrei! Received some amazing feedback to this from within Spotify and I'm now working on integrating their API so you can design & update your playlist cover art without even leaving Replace Cover.
Used to have my own psd with styles but might switch to that out of convenience !
@jpvalery That's exactly what I did a week or so ago. Big .psd with all the covers for my playlists. Then I figured... why not try and make this easier for more peeps. Cheers!

Expecting the image uploading feature.


Easy to use


Would be great if I can get color combination suggestions when choosing the theme

Great feedback, cheers John!