Send ads to the recent visitors of *someone else's* website. For example, if you sell tennis gear, you might have success retargeting a site that ranks the best rackets available 🎾
Repixel was built with global privacy regulations top of mind.
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Hello Product Hunt! 😻 We originally launched on Product Hunt ~7 months ago and got some amazing feedback from this community. Thank you! Since that time, we’ve been hard at work rebuilding the product (with professional designers this time!) and can’t wait to share the updates. Quick reminder on Repixel: Repixel is a marketplace that lets advertisers retarget (send ads to) the visitors of *someone else’s* website. For example, if you sell wine, you might have success retargeting a blog that ranks the best wine subscription clubs. After all, everyone on that website isn’t just interested in wine, but they’re almost certainly on the verge of making a purchase 🥂 Technically, Facebook makes this incredibly easy for advertisers through their “share pixel” button. But finding partner’s in your niche that 1) share your customer base, 2) are non-competitive, and 3) actually wants to work with you, can be very difficult! Through Repixel, publishers can post a listing indicating that they’re willing to work with advertisers for a set fee, and advertisers can see a “menu” of potential partners all in one place. Once the connection is made, website owners get a new revenue stream without having to litter their website with spammy ads and advertisers get a new audience to serve relevant ads to 🚀 In this update, you’ll find a completely redesigned app packed with usability improvements, an improved onboarding experience, more transparency to better understand who you’re working with, a revamped pricing model where advertisers can license entire pixels rather than paying for each pageview, and 7X the number of websites to pick from. Hope you have time to check it out! We’ll be around all day replying to comments and can’t wait to hear what you think! 🙌 Josh p.s. For this week only, exclusive to the Product Hunt community, we’ll be applying a $20 credit to all accounts that spend $100 in their first 30 days.
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@jchopak I like the idea. All the best!
@jchopak well done on the updates!
@jchopak Well executed updates, much simpler for advertisers now
@jchopak Yes, The idea behind the product is nice, hope it worked well as you expected. all the best :)
This is something game changing. Good luck with it
@kesara thank you for the kind words! We certainly hope so!
With 10 years of experience primarily in marketing and advertising, I see this as a huge innovation. A new way to find value through your website and to target specific cohorts of customers. Is there a downside? Congrats ?makers !
@cathy_melnikow thanks so much for the kind words, Cathy! Always great to hear these things from a fellow marketer. In terms of downsides, there's no immediate gratification as you have to wait for your partner to approve you and then collect performance data from the test, but hopefully the bump in performance ends up being worth the wait :). Hope that helps, and thanks again for the comment and interest!
It looks quite interesting. Would like to know more about the product features.
@gaurav_subham, great question! - The big feature for site owners is they’re able to let advertisers reach their website visitors without littering their website with more display ads. Because Repixel works in the background instead of having a set amount of inventory, the scale is infinite using this method. - For advertisers, they have a new ability to retarget (send ads to) *someone else’s* website. For example, a company that sells hiking shoes could send an ad to someone immediately after they leave a hiking blog. Hope that’s helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for the comment!
Looks interesting and a different route for pixels... Good luck with it Josh :D
@p_maloney thanks Paul! Yes, very different route. Facebook has had that "share pixel" button for years now, we're trying to put it to good use :)