Retarget *someone else’s* website on Facebook Ads

Repixel allows you to retarget (send ads to the visitors of) *someone else's* website. For example, sell hiking shoes? Try sending ads to the recent visitors of your favorite hiking blog 🥾🏔
Repixel is a Facebook approved app and built with GDPR top of mind.
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Thanks for the hunt Kevin, and hello Product Hunt! I’ve been looking for an easy way to retarget (send ads to the visitors of) *someone else’s* websites since I started doing digital marketing many years ago. For example, when I was doing advertising for a baby clothing brand, I always wanted to tag the visitors of blogs who create content for new parents and serve those people ads for my product -- that audience is clearly spot on! Technically, getting this set up is super easy. Facebook has a "Share Pixel" button and you can do it in a few clicks. But logistically, finding a partner is challenging. You have to find a company that wants to work with you, find the right person at that company, negotiate the price, draft a contract, remember to unshare in the event of churn, etc. Here at Repixel, we're trying to solve that problem through a marketplace. 🌐 As a website owner, you can post a listing so advertisers know you’re open to new partners. Unlike monetizing your website through display ads which is limited in scale and can feel a little spammy, Repixel works in the background and you can work with as many advertisers as you’d like. 🚀 As an advertiser, you can browse the marketplace and filter by price, category, language, and more. When you find a website you like, send them a repixel request, and if you're approved, you can start retargeting visitors. Hope you have time to check it out! We’ll be around all day replying to comments and can’t wait to hear what you think! 🙌 Josh p.s. Exclusive to the Product Hunt community, we’ll be applying a $20 credit to all accounts that spend $100 in their first 30 days on Repixel 😻
@jchopak this is such a great idea. Thank you!
@esg41 thanks! Looking forward to seeing you in there raking in new users/customers 💥
@jchopak Looks great, nice work. Do you pay suppliers a premium CPM over other networks?
@jamesjezusek the beauty of Repixel is it's purely incremental revenue for our publishers. So if you're a publisher that's making a $2 CPM from Google AdSense and you sign up for Repixel, because Repixel works in the background, you'll still keep the $2 CPM from Google, you'll just also start earning from Repixel, but in a different way. Does that make sense?
@jchopak I like it! Excited to see the marketplace grow.
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Definitely a cool and new way to activate against relevant audiences.
@originaldbk thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated 💥
The solution Repixel offers is pretty unique but so simple in its concept. All you need is to add your website to the marketplace, so advertisers can choose it and place a pixel there. And thats it! Site owners get their income and advertisers get their visits. Support is always there if you have any troubles with your "repixelling" process.
@roman_nazarenko thanks for the kind words! It's great to have you on board. Thanks for being an early adopter.
I like this concept! It looks like a really smart way to attract more people to your site 😎
@vitalii_sologub we appreciate that, Vitalii! Thanks so much!
This! This is exactly what I've been looking for to find new customers for our product. Thank you!!
@daniel_hutchinson looking forward to seeing you in there raking in your new customers 👊