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Rep is a marketplace that simplifies influencer marketing with the help of machine learning and proprietary tools. REP was built to give brands and influencers unlimited, free access to one another - as well as the right tools to get things going.

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I applaud you for the app. Looks great! Having a low bar of entry to create an account is something I appreciate, and small businesses will appreciate too. One of the most difficult challenges I think you will face is competition, but you have some key features that no one has. I just hope that's enough. With that, I have a simple two-part question that I couldn't find an answer too. How do you generate income, and how much do you charge?
@tchoupiak Thanks for taking the time to check us out. I also appreciate your comments regarding our features; I'd like to add that we're constantly refining and updating the platform to continue to remedy pain points and better serve brands and influencers. As for your question: We take 5% for self-managed hires; 20% for those run through our mass-targeting feature, Campaigns.
@isaac_lekach good job with the app! I really like the layout and UX. All I can add is that it would be great to get a preview (preferably in the homepage) of which influencers and their reach are on it. All but all great work, keep it up! ๐Ÿš€
@martijn_verbove Glad you like it and thank you for your comment. It's a great note. We're actually in the process of implementing some changes to the homepage, including a section that will speak to your suggestion :)
@geilt thanks for hunting us! Hey everyone, I'm a co-founder of Rep, an influencer marketplace that makes it easy to find the right person to create engaging collaborations with. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Cool flow to validate the instagram account. Tried to do a search as my business category - events was not there by default, but the sorting does not work. Is there a way where we can see how much the influencer is charging approximately per post? It says machine learning is involved to match, can you explain how and what is the benefit of it over other influencer marketing platforms?
@rahul_rane We will be sure to add "Events" in, thanks! What sorting are you referring to? We chose not to show a suggested price as we think a free market is a better approach to pricing. Right now, only our mass targeting feature Campaigns has our machine learning filters, but we are working hard to add it to the main feed filters and to Offers, our bartering tool. Basically you can find the perfect influencer to work with by telling us what your target audience is, our algorithm will show you a list of influencers with followers who meet that criteria. You can select options like: audience interests/gender/age group/location and ethnicity. Here's how we're different: Access is free ... our proprietary tools Offers and Campaigns provide incredible ROI, and lastly, other influencer platforms act as middle men, none of them are focused on the micro influencers which have a much higher engagement rate according to the data.
@rahul_rane @jeremy_sh There's an influencer marketing platform on here every 3 days that claims they are the only one to focus on micro influencers :)
@rahul_rane @jeremy_sh @ridderingand_ We welcome the challenge
I've spent 40min trying to validate my account left 18 comments with different faces but it still doesn't see the comment... Very bad start....
@codekontrol hi, are you using the emoji provided? It cant be just any face. Also can you specify which platform you are using?
@jeremy_sh Yes i'm using the provided one but for some reason i keep on getting the same message: comment not found and i'm using Firefox
@codekontrol thanks. We're on it. Try using the app or another browser for now. Just to validate the account. The issues is pribably isolated to Firefox. Sorry.
@codekontrol What is your instagram ID?