A very simple way to schedule appointments. πŸ“…

Rendez is a very easy online tool to schedule all your one-on-one appointments. Stop the endless back-and-forth; from now on, only go forth.

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I love this - great work! If I am on the receiving end (e.g. i am choosing what time works), I'd like to see who sent it & have a "confirm" button. The simplicity is great, but i would love to be able to change my option after I click it.
@ggarnhart Thanks for this Greg! 2 items we're adding ticks to on our shortlist: 1. Sender details for the receiver (we need to keep privacy in mind too, so still debating on this one). 2. Confirmation option for the receiver, so you can still change it. If you have more ideas/feedback, please let us know!
We got fed up with the constant back and forth you always seem to have to go through whenever you want to get a simple one-on-one appointment. πŸ˜– That's why we created Rendez; the simplest way to share your availability with someone, so they can pick a slot and confirm the appointment in a snap. 😎 Reid Hoffman told us to launch early, so here it is. πŸš€ We’re really looking for feedback on what to improve next. Do you want to let your sender know none of the slots work for you? Want to automatically login using your Google account? Leave your email address to get an invite emailed after you confirm? Let us know below and we’ll work on that. Tip: open Rendez on mobile and add it to your home screen. 🀘🏻 Thanks @bramk for hunting us.
@guensberg if you know the app anyone can edit the slots by manually changing the URL.
@pablojimeno Hi Pablo yes, you're right. Thanks. It is one of the downsides of launching early. We were actually aware of this issue and decided to push for go-live nonetheless. To be clear; you can only change the URL if you have somebody's secret token. The only person (apart from yourself) who gets this token, is the one you're trying to schedule the appointment with in the first place. There is a risk the receiver hacks the URL and changes the available slots, you're right, but that would be pretty pointless because the sender gets back the confirmation for a wrong slot. Adding a 'tick' on our list of what to improve first! πŸ™
@pablojimeno Hi Pablo, we gave it some more thought and our developers couldn't let this one go... Should be fixed now! Thanks again for your feedback.
@pablojimeno You're welcome. If you have more feedback, let us know! πŸ‘

Finally there is a successor to Sunrise Meet. 😎


Super simple | Webbassed (no install needed) | Doesn't 'open' my calendar to others (only the timeslots I want)


None so far

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