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Rendevous: Start swiping on parties near you!

How we are unique? Unlike FB events, Hosts are in full control.

All events are exclusive because hosts must confirm pending guest before they can see all event details.

Such details are private until confirmed:

- DM

- exact location

- guest list

Rendevous is for all things PARTIES and events!

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Is there vetting for people to join the app?
@jacqvon yes there is, the host confirms who they would like to be invited to the party hence some details are private until the host confirms the "pending guest". Also we have FB log in as mandatory which will fight against cat fishing.

I don't understand why this product is being launched on PH. The website states "Coming June 2017", with the possibility of only signing up for a waiting list. I find it misleading.

Last blog update, 2016?

3 likes on your Facebook account?

But you are launching a 'social' product..

And no SSL?


Nice idea



I chose to add the site but never updated it. The app is live and the link to the iOS app is on here too
Interesting concept! Can't wait to check it out :)
Great for boring Friday nights!! Love the idea!
This is dope!