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Hi hunters! Sometimes we receive emails whose subjects aren't clear, and it makes it hard for us to find those emails when we need them. Take the email that I received in the movie above. It's a trip that I booked to Geneva, but you'd never know it from its subject title! And we all know how irritating it could be to be searching for your flight confirmation # when you're at the airport with little to no connectivity, and maybe running a little late. This is also helpful for inbound support, or sales emails. When you receive an email from a customer whose subject name is "Problem" or "Hi", it'd be wise to rename those emails to "Problem: Backup time delay" or "Sales: Needs a conference call." Read more about it in our latest blog post: And if you'd like some more free Chrome extensions for Gmail, here's where you can find them: Thanks for reading our story, and we hope you enjoy finding your emails more easily!
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@nassaraf This is fantastic not to mention convenient. I'm curious how it's works, where is the new subject text actually stored? What about if I removed the extension, would the subject be reverted?
@braunshizzle @nassaraf I'm wondering the same. The main reason i'd like to do this, would be to group convos better. Problem is, I don't think this will do that, considering it would require actually changing the subject via a google API (that i don't think exists atm?)
@braunshizzle Thanks, and great question, Braunson! #RenameEmail changes the subject line of your email indefinitely. Once you change the subject, it never reverts back to the original subject line even if you uninstall the Chrome Extension after having changed it.
@giologist @braunshizzle APIs are our wheelhouse! You can use this to group conversations within the same thread, because it breaks up the thread. This is especially helpful when you have a thread with over 20 responses! This image should help both of you:
Tried it and loved it. Plain and simple.
@iamredlus Thanks, Lior! πŸ™
I'm surprised google didn't think about that as a feature. Great job guys!!!
@roee Thank you, Roy! We don't know why Gmail didn't implement that feature either!
Love it! Very useful. :)
@fredlumiere Thank you, Federic!