New, free Remotive Jobs API feed serving top remote jobs.
All jobs are hand-picked/curated daily.
Tap into 100s of remote jobs, tags & categories!
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Hey Product Hunt, Remotive started on PH in 2014, we're glad to be back! Yes, we know: Tons of remote job boards keep appearing & disappearing. We noticed that many serve StackOverflow remote jobs and, well, that's it. We believe applicants need more/better remote jobs! Also, many tech workers are getting let go lately, we'd like to share our remote jobs wider: - All remote jobs are curated by our team. - 100s of remote jobs, access tags & categories - This is the biggest API feed fetching curated remote jobs that we know. - This API is our MVP. We're on our way to serve x,000s remote jobs. Please AMA on this API, remote jobs or otherwise, I'd love to help!
@rdutel This is great. Thanks for creating this. How are you guys thinking about pricing the API?
@salil_sethi Hey Salil! For extra/custom requests, such as edge cases, lead generation... we price it through a B2B subscription - my DM are always open ^^
This is awesome, it's straight forward and I'm able to find exactly what I'm looking for so quickly
Thank you for making this! Until now, I've just been manually curating roles for - really excited to try this out!
Great work. One question along with locaiton does it also provide gender based search?
@prakis Hey there! No we don't :)
How can we improve our API MVP?
Add more jobs
Add more categories
Add something else (please let us know :))
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