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jonas — Yeah, I don't know either.
The single BEST THING about this is what happens when the tab is inactive in your browser (found in chrome, not sure about other browsers.)

Seriously, try it. Open the site and click on another tab, see what happens.

My mind is blown.
Rodolphe Dutel — BizDev @ Buffer & Founder @
@sleinadsanoj hehe, the awesome @jeremybenaim crafted this page very carefully ;)
Ryan Brink — Developer, designer, entrepreneur
@sleinadsanoj Shoot, thought I was the first to notice this!

Very nicely done.
Eric Willis — Working on something new
@sleinadsanoj YOU would catch that!
Brian Lovin — Product Designer, Facebook
Remote jobs will be one of the biggest changes in org. structure in the next few years, I'm confident. The Remotive team has done an amazing job curating some of these opportunities for people who want to work from around the world!
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