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Remote job boards are mostly US-centric, so I decided to go on a treasure hunt every other tuesday and share some of the best jobs specifically for Europe-based remote workers. Got a job to suggest?

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Silvio BompanMaker@ailith · Founder,
Hi there, Silvio from Remoteur here - big thanks to @nikkielizdemere for the love! Happy to answer any questions or just say hello :)
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunterPro@nikkielizdemere · Moderator at Product Hunt
Remote job boards are mostly US-centric, so Silvio goes on a treasure hunt every two weeks and shares some of the best jobs specifically for Europe-based remote workers.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Partner, The Upstarters
this isnt really a fully baked product yet... but look forward to seeing it progress
Silvio BompanMaker@ailith · Founder,
@bentossell Hi Ben, you're right: it's just an MVP, I'm trying to build some traction before building "another" job board :)
Thalassa van Beek@thalassavanbeek · Online Marketing | Digital Nomad
Great initiative! So besides focussing on EU jobs, in what other ways will this be different? On the one hand, I believe there can never be too many places to find jobs - on the other hand, I often find that many places list the same jobs. Really hope this will be different! Hope you don't mind if I reach out to you on LinkedIn Silvio! :)
Silvio BompanMaker@ailith · Founder,
@thalassavanbeek Thanks Thalassa, invite accepted! About your question: got the same feeling too, all I can say is that Remoteur is manually curated, I'm trying to pick the most interesting jobs from 10-15 different sources to make the search less frustrating. By the way, next issue won't include any Hotjar opportunities (they're everywhere), I promise :D
Cathal O'Brien@originalcathal · CPO - MUSTARD
Really need to consider what types of jobs you are subscribing too... I dont want my inbox to include any jobs that are not relevant to me...
Silvio BompanMaker@ailith · Founder,
@originalcathal Got your point Cathal. I'll keep that in mind as the project grows and changes ;)