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Mike Desjardins — Made
Hey all, I'm the creator of this site. I realize that it seems like there's a new one of these every other week on Product Hunt, so what I hope makes Remotely Awesome even awesomer than all those other sites is the number of sources we crawl; we're currently scouring 10 sites for remote jobs and plan to add a few more in coming weeks. Remotely Awesome looks great on mobile devices too.
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
As you said, there are a lot of these sites already @mdesjardins

Do you think that their angle has been to purposefully choose a handful of quality sources rather than a larger number of sources?

A lot of the time, curation is where the value lies.
Mike Desjardins — Made
@bentossell Definitely, there's a huge value in that for some (perhaps even most) folks. However, I recently did my own job search, and found a few jobs in off-the-beaten-path sites which weren't advertised on the "big three" that everyone else crawls (SO, WeWorkRemotely, and AuthenticJobs are the most common). I built this site as sort-of a dog-fooding exercise because it was something I needed for myself. My hope is that other people are like me and would rather see the whole picture and curate/filter on their own.
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@mdesjardins love it when makers build for themselves first :)
John Eberly — Founder, Chatlio, live chat for slack
@mdesjardins @bentossell Anecdotal evidence here, but I personally would like to see all the listings possible in one place, opposed to a curated list, so thanks for building this @mdesjardins!
Leo Moravtchik — CEO, diggidi
@bentossell Purest form of showing the need exists and a new solution is required. I honestly sometimes doubt makers who don't use their own product.
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
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