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🏝 Future is remote! Yess! I remember my first coding job 10 years ago. We had an office, but whenever I wanted to really get some stuff done, I just didn’t show up, muted my phone and went to the library instead. I put my headset on and coded until I got everything important done. There were always some people knocking on my back and asking questions in the office. And someone always wanted to talk to me when I went to the coffee machine. Which is fine! I just couldn’t get my coding stuff done at the same time! I like the freedom that comes with working remotely. Especially when people can choose their own working hours. There are so many cool companies now who work entirely remote or who have some remote team members in addition to the office. I set out to find them! 💡 Idea There are many good remote job boards out there! I wanted to give more attention to the remote companies and teams themselves and not only jobs. This means you can start looking for a remote company that resonates with you and then see if they are currently hiring and if not, you can keep an eye on them until they do. 🔎 Search You can combine filters to find remote teams that resonate with you! For example, you could search for “small remote companies with health insurance and paid home tech”. Whatever you're into! 🗺 Locations Check out how teams are distributed across the globe. You could see if company that you’re interested in has members near you, so you could go out for a coffee! 🍻 👍 Benefits See a list of benefits that company offers. 🛠 Tools See a list of tools and apps remote company uses (e.g. Slack for chatting). 💾 About the data I've visited a lot of remote company websites! Like a lot! Soo many! I have also reached out to a lot of remote teams so they would check my data I could find about them. Some did, but most not – so you should always check the data later with the company when you're interested in working for them. I will always try to improve this and maybe also introduce a ✅ "verified" badge so you would know that company profile is reviewed by the team. Go remote! Find your next remote team to join 🏝💻
I love the website. It's gorgeous and helpful :)
Congratulation on your second launch and impressive progress you've made (from 19 to 1900 remote teams on board!). Love the Idea, let's collaborate!
Nice site where you can find companies who hire remotely!
Congrats ! Love the UX