Real-time collaboration for distributed teams

#1 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2019
We make it easy for remote teams to work together πŸŽ‰
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Create room with your own URL and logo
πŸš€ Video chat + co-edit any web app(!) + share files + notes + whiteboard + screen share + emojis
πŸŽ™οΈ Transcribe + record
⚑ Work artifacts saved to session logs
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We built RemoteHQ to help distributed teams actually get work done together. There are numerous tools out there that try to address this problem, however, we believe they fall short in many ways. We wanted a platform that that enabled remote teams to collaborate as if they were co-located in the same physical space. Furthermore, we wanted to provide this experience in an intuitive manner all running in your browser; No installation required! Our mission is to re-imagine how teams work by providing a virtual workspace that is flexible, intuitive, and secure. Use RemoteHQ to host team meetings, sales demos, support calls, training sessions, and more. You can quickly mix and match apps in each session, based on your use case. RemoteHQ is giving 3 months worth of free usage to 300 Product Hunt users (first come, first served) who sign up and upgrade with the coupon code 8uzHei77. To redeem, sign up and then go to Chose the subscription plan of your choice (you should choose Pro). From there, you can enter the above code when upgrading your subscription. The code is only valid for the next 5 days, until 31st Oct 11:59pm EDT. Finally, big kudos to the team for all they have done with this product. We are a fully remote team, spread around the world and we eat our own dog food.
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@waikit looks like a great product, congrats!
@waikit I just checked out the product as I was very curious on how you achieved sharing any website you want with a team on the browser - I noticed that you're loading an instance of a browser on the server, and mapping the controls from the website to the browser on the server. Very neat way of doing it! But - the biggest concern obviously comes down to privacy, and because of that I will never trust you with handling all my personal information to access my services through your service. Browsers have implement certain security features for a reason, and that's also why iFrames are so restricted. You basically violate every one of them by using this method, that should come with a huge warning sign honestly. Don't get me wrong, the product is great and I understand that building on the cloud is the way to go nowadays - but for the sake of security & privacy, this kind of service should have been implemented natively with multiple real instances of the browser locally. Anyways, I wish Product Hunt would also consider these things and warn their own users.
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@owenfar1 We'll be adding this shortly (we just launched). Drop us an email at if you like your email deleted and we'll wipe it. Thanks!
RemoteHQ has put all the different ways people collaborate in real-time into one platform. It makes it easy for distributed teams to work together, as if they are in the same location. Their Shared Browser app is quite a unique feature. You can co-browse and navigate any website or web app with your team. It's totally worth checking out. Much faster than screen sharing!
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I discovered 3 months ago and I become a fan of this online collaboration tool instantly. I now prefer using Remote than Zoom for many reasons. You can co-edit/control any shared screen via their built-in virtual browser with any participants in the call. The app also keep a record of any voice recordings, notes or shared files after each meeting finished. File sharing is also easier since I can drag & upload my presentation without visiting an external link. I use it mainly for remote work meeting, user research interview & collaboration-based discussion. One thing I hope to see improvement from the platform is to automatically fit the screens between participants, opened apps, etc. Perhaps a show/hide panel as users load up more apps to keep it more organized. Finally, big congrats again to @waikit & team for launching RemoteHQ!
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@whizzzoe Thanks Zoe! Your feedback has been incredible and much appreciated!
@waikit @whizzzoe how about the speed and reliability? One thing where Zoom excels is it keeps going where others freeze/disconnect/interrupt.
@waikit @whizzzoe @visualpharm I'd also love to know the answer to this Q!
@whizzzoe @visualpharm Ivan, we are pretty on par with Zoom if your bandwidth is good enough. That said, we have a roadmap make even further improvements. Btw, we love Zoom's tech and think it's a heck of a product.
Seeing this come together over the months was super fun. I'm holding a growing percentage of my meetings on RemoteHQ these days, because it doesn't only offer one of the most stable experiences (I've never had the audio cut out, ever), I'm also able to record and transcribe everything and pull in notepads and whiteboards directly into the talk.
@dqmonn1 Appreciate it Dominic. We love what you are doing with NoHQ. Remote will be eating the world soon enough.
Just tried it (albeit with myself)! You guys have some interesting features. Your Shared Browser app is super unique and interesting. This could totally replace screen sharing of websites. Great work.