Solve the challenges of managing a globally distributed team by using the right tool for your company. Do you find it tough to choose the best tool? At we have built a curated repository of 100+ tools across 20+ categories relevant for remote teams, with all the information needed in one place!

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12 Reviews4.6/5 is a repository of over 100+ handpicked tools across 20+ categories that are relevant to remote teams, with all the information needed gathered in one place! Why did we make this? At Flexiple, we are big believers of remote working being the future. However, managing a global team is not without challenges. Each time we faced a challenge, we sat down to search & evaluate tools that could help us solve it. This can be mind-numbing - we couldn't believe that there wasn't a central repository of tools that had already been comprehensively analysed for remote teams to leverage! Thus was born ​ We hope this is helpful to you. Do share any feedback.
Great idea! Would be nice if that repository also included new early products in addition to old & established. Remote movement is relatively new and new remote-first tools will evolve.
@gene_podolyak Thanks Gene, that's a great input! I will run this idea internally - maybe we could have a separate section in each category for new/early products which are remote-first, in our next update.

This look great. A very much needed list.




None, so far.

Great collection of useful tools 👍 Nicely done!
Just a heads up, you are using the wrong logo for Marvel!
@tomludd Woah! Thanks for this Tom - we have corrected it. Marvel comics creeps in everywhere 😉