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Maker here, thanks for listing on Product Hunt. I created Remote Friendly in part because there still aren't many places to find remote jobs (some sites simply list content from each other or StackOverflow). I've been teaching myself to code and I wanted a project that felt achievable which would also be useful. Creating Remote Friendly allowed me to learn a great deal about starting with an idea and seeing it through to completion.
@jordanmerrick Love the product! Getting back into coding myself after a 4-year break, and this is much better than my current project ( A Search engine for XKCD comics). I'd love to know what you used to build your search engine? It's super fast, which I love, although the UI could be a bit cleaner. But still, a very great project!
@liamboogar @jordanmerrick It's not a search engine (correct me if I am wrong @jordanmerrick ). The filtering is done with List.js ( ). Regarding the UI , I really love it. It's clean and simple :)
Nice web site
Great work @jordanmerrick. Completely agree with the need for more spaces like this. Funny, as I started working on a similar platform yesterday! Good luck with yours :)
How is this different than Remote OK?
@sergiovariu fundamentally, it serves the same purpose as other remote jobs boards like Remote OK, We Work Remotely or RemoteBase. I work remotely and feel there still aren't many resources for remotes to find a remote job, so having another place for companies to list remote-friendly jobs is only a good thing. In terms of differences, Remote Friendly is designed to be as simple to use as possible. I've found some jobs boards just don't work well on mobile or are unencessarily flashy. Listing a job is a quick process - fill in a form, review the listing, then submit. There aren't multiple steps to add content in and listing submissions also support Markdown.
As a remote marketer with 9 years of experience I totally approve such projects! :) always great to see such listings of remote jobs