Schedule reminders with SMS

Over 90%* of SMS messages are read within just 3 minutes of receiving them. Remindr helps you to automate sending SMS messages to multiple contacts in one single click.
👋 Excited to share my latest product with the Product Hunt Community! Remindr is a super simple & affordable way to schedule reminders with SMS. Why did I build something on-top of a "legacy" method of communication? 👇 SMS isn't dead. It's still one of the best way (along with email) to communicate because it's a standard protocol. It's available on every smartphone; doesn't require users to download an app & is pretty reliable. But that's not really why I built Remindr. Whilst I'm not coding or implementing incident strategy at Symantec, I'm a Scout leader. I volunteer to help build the skills of 6-8 year olds. However, almost every week/every term, I get the same messages from parents such as "when are we back at Scouts?" and "when are we visiting X" and I also have to ask "can you remind Y to bring their homework". My parents use WhatsApp, Messenger & iMessage... I hate having to use multiple methods. SMS is much easier, they all have access to this standard. 🎉 I've successfully used Remindr with my Scout group, and it's a 100% success rate. Leaders say this has helped plan better & parents love the way this reminds them, in a simple way. You could use Remindr for many things ... from your business to community to education. 💸 Best of all, I needed this to be affordable for me and my group. It's a simple one-off payment that gives you credit. Then, you can top-up (launching soon) with credits as and when you need them. No more subscription or wasted credits. 🙌 Looking forward to feedback!
Congrats on the launch Nick!!! Keep up the ship hustle!
@ftxrc Thanks man! Makerlog 2.0 has helped me to keep on shipping & keeping on track with launching 🎉
Dude this is so sick! You made SMS so cool! Congratulations on the launch Much love from Singapore!
@fajarsiddiq Thank you so much Fajar! Your support means a lot 🙌 SMS definitely shouldn't be forgotten!
@gadgick Yes! true, SMS can't be forgotten. You're most welcome! This is the coolest thing i've seen all this month. This is very useful.
Love how simple this is, nice work love this man!