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Thank you @tombenattar for hunting RemindMe :-) I used to be a very heavy user of calendars to set reminders, of tasks to do, errands to run, things not to forget and so on. After seeing how useful reminders chatbots could be (slackbot /remind command, or various Facebook bots) I realize how much more conveniently it could be done, using chat commands. I have made RemindMe first and foremost to "scratch my own itch", but I'm happy to see that early users have set hundreds of reminders over the summer. Several other bots can help you set reminders on Facebook Messenger, but I tried to refine the conversational UX and pay a lot of attention to small but crucial details. If you are a heavy user like me, you will quickly notice that it will save you a lot of time. It's now an integral part of my daily routine and I hope it can help you too :-)
@mvaragnat amazing use case for chatbots. Very cool! Which platforms do you aim to expand to next?
@rlacombe Thank @rlacombe - I think at this stage there are a couple ideas around features and integrations, rather than expanding to other platforms. I'm really fond of Messenger, and the platform improves at a rapid pace, so there's plenty to do!
@mvaragnat @tombenattar What are some of the small but crucial conversational UX details that you discovered building this?
@julien_c @tombenattar A lot of important details, like which deadlines to suggest as shortcuts in quick replies, which actions to include as buttons, how to cancel tasks at various steps (proper handling of "escape routes" is crucial but quite difficult to plan)
@mvaragnat A great bot by a great bot maker, bravo Matthieu !
Great job Matthieu ! Just set a reminder to congratulate you ๐Ÿ˜‰
Happy to hunt RemindMe today, awesome product! I use RemindMe everyday for my work or my personal life, itโ€™s really cool to get notified on Messenger for a reminder. Congrats and good job @MVaragnat! ๐Ÿš€
Good job @mvaragnat, I love it :) Do you plan any integration, like Todoist, Wunderlist, IFTTT or Zapier?
@leonelmore Thank you for these great ideas. I was initially thinking of focusing on Google Calendar integration, but it is true that a Zapier hook would probably be simpler and more flexible. Thanks !
@mvaragnat Exactly, and you integrate it at the same moment with tons of others apps. I would not discard IFTTT, it is more for consumer use (and 100% free for users).
Great product @MVaragnat, I use it everyday!