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#5 Product of the DayAugust 27, 2016

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Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker ·
It's a great idea, and nice logo, but I just installed @doitbot which seems more robust, which more structured onboarding & support on FB Messenger, Slack and Telegram. Perhaps if Remind can pivot into a messenger bot that pings others on messenger - if FB's API even allows that - you'll have a unique value prop on your hands.
Spyros Avlonitis
Spyros AvlonitisMaker@spyrosavl · Mindnodes
Hi @elizabethhunker ! Thank you for your comments. I would give us more details on the statement that you find @doitbot more robust :) The feature to ping others is not yet available on FB but it will be soon i think...
Steve Gertz
Steve Gertz@steve__gertz · COO,
Great idea!
Adam Bowie
Adam Bowie@rushhourlocal · Nashville SEO Digital Marketing Agency
I would a text reminder bot. Facebook is already such a distraction from getting things done. Send a text to get a reminder, and the bot reminds me via text as well. Any plans for a text integration - or anyone know a service like that?
Shervin@shervinater · Research Engineer
@rushhourlocal I'm using and loving for SMS reminders, check it out!
Gua Tabidze
Gua Tabidze@gtabidze · Idea and Follow-Through Person
Super cool Idea! Some questions: * How many reminders can I add? * Can you provide some usecases what It can provide more than task reminder and tips? Well I am single and someone texting "I love you too <3" message on Messenger is lovey too. Best,
Spyros Avlonitis
Spyros AvlonitisMaker@spyrosavl · Mindnodes
@gtabidze Thank you for your comments! You can as many reminders as you want. It can only remind your tasks until now.
Abhimanyu Goyal
Abhimanyu Goyal@abhimanyu_gtn · blah
Is there a similar bot for Telegram ?
Dima Che
Dima Che@dmiry_tche · Founder @zenbotorg
Abhimanyu Goyal
Abhimanyu Goyal@abhimanyu_gtn · blah
@dmiry_tche @do_itbot works fine. thanks :)