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Remake changes the way web apps are built.
Have you ever wanted to launch an idea the same day that you think of it?
With Remake's easy to learn syntax and a little work, you can now launch a web app in couple hours!
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Hello good people of the Product Hunt! 👋 Thanks for checking out the newest way to build web apps fast! ⚡️ 🧗‍♀️The Problem: Building a web app — any web app — is a huge undertaking that can take months or even years of your life. At the end of the day, you have to decide: “Would I rather be in business or have the perfect product?” 🛠For every random front-end bug you're tracking down, you're contacting one less customer. 🛠For every plugin you have to install and configure, you're iterating on your home page's sales copy one less time. 🛠For every piece of complex functionality you add, you’re piling on the days until launch. Building a fully-functional web app is a massive investment, yet I’ve always felt like there must be an easier way... 🧙‍♂️The Solution: I built a framework that makes building web apps so fast it feels like prototyping. With Remake, you can build real, interactive, multi-user apps in a few hours! Learning Remake only requires a basic knowledge of HTML templating. Remake ensures that most of the work (saving data, adding data, editing data, and moving data) is taken care of automatically. In practice, it feels more like building a static website than a fully-functional web app. Remake comes with lots of tools out of the box: user accounts, a hosting service, powerful plugins & shortcuts — pretty much everything you need to build your idea to completion! 🥳 I can’t wait for you to try it out & your feedback is always welcome! P.S. As an early PH user, you’ll be granted 6 months of free hosting credits on us.
@remaketheweb @panphora Congratulations on the launch! 💌love this!
@remaketheweb @fajarsiddiq Much appreciated! 😁
As a front-end developer, Remake is something I've been dreaming of for years. It gives me the complete controls of the design with a powerful, easy to use API under the hood.
As a non-tech person, this is very interesting. Looking forward to using it!
i love this.
@chandra_kanth2 Thank you! Reach out if you have any trouble getting set up!
So excited that this launched!