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#5 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2017

Explore countries and find tech jobs with verified relocation packages.


  • Dali ChabaaneTech talent acquisition & Career adviser

    Friendly user interface, valuable information when you're trying to move between countries. Absolute killer product!


    As a Tech Recruitment professional, this product doesn't have a con (at least for now).

    Tech professionals need proper guidance, and a place where they can cover (end to end) their most important questions about moving to another country, and considering a Tech job. Talent hunting is more competitive in the global market, and people are more aware of the impact of their relocating decision. offers them that right safe environment!

    Dali Chabaane has used this product for one week.
  • Sjamilla van der ToorenSourcing Recruiter @Poki

    Nice interface and helpful guides to help you relocate as a candidate, also for me as a recruiter useful content.


    No cons so far

    Like that it not only provides a place to post and find a job but also has really useful resources like the salary calculator, the cost of living guide and the blog post with experiences from people who actually relocated.

    Sjamilla van der Tooren has used this product for one day.


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Andrew StetsenkoMaker@stetsenko_me · Founder @ | GlossaryTech
Hello Product Hunters, A lot has happened since the initial launch on Product Hunt 8 months back… Today, my team and I are incredibly excited to present you Relocate 2.0. The relocation process is often stressful and fraught with uncertainty. Hundreds of questions go through your mind each day: Where to start? How to find a job (an employer) that is ready to sponsor your visa? What are the salaries like in a new country? How much income tax will you have to pay? How to move with kids? And so on. is a platform that makes your job relocation easy, combining tons of useful content about relocation, tech jobs abroad and guaranteed relocation packages to accompany those jobs — all in one source. So, what’s new in Relocate 2.0? - Job openings, expat stories and relocation info on 10 different countries - Customized relocation tips, based on your specific situation - Salary calculators for each of the countries listed. Would love to know what you guys think about the work done. I’m here all day to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Fire away ;) Thanks, Andrew
Hung Lee@hunglee · Co-Founder
@stetsenko_me looking great. Design is fantastic. Wireframes especially look the business! This is an important website for perhaps the most geographically mobile (software developers) segment in the modern workforce. This should be a fantastic resource. PS: a deeper dive into the cities would be great. I don't mean turn into Lonely Planet, but something halfway?
Andrew StetsenkoMaker@stetsenko_me · Founder @ | GlossaryTech
@hunglee Thank you so much for your inspiring words! Further enrichment of the existing content is definitely on our to-do list for 2018 ;)
Denis Dinkevich@diskevich · Recruiting Enthusiast | Technology Geek
Hey @stetsenko_me, great news! am super excited to see you here, launching on PH :) The UI now looks/feels even greater than before. I appreciate your own vision regarding the problem platform is trying to solve and wish you the best of luck regarding involving more unicorn-companies to work with. PS Proud to know that the idea, as well as the product vision, are originally from Ukraine ;) Keep rocking m8 🚀
Andrew StetsenkoMaker@stetsenko_me · Founder @ | GlossaryTech
@diskevich Thanks a lot for your words! We did our best ;)
Kristian Kyvik@kristian_kyvik
@stetsenko_me Are you guys using a third party API for the key facts you show for each of the main cites or are you crowdsourcing it yourself?
Alexandra DosiiMaker@alexandra_dosii · Contributor, GlossaryTech
So happy that we're back with a new version of the website! We have worked hard... I'm curious to hear your feedback on Relocate 2.0 and any improvement ideas you may have.
Joshua Voydik@joshvoydik · Founder, Mindful Makers
Awesome –– nice work! For a split second, I thought this was a service that helped Americans leave the States. 😂
Andrew StetsenkoMaker@stetsenko_me · Founder @ | GlossaryTech
@joshvoydik Thanks! ;)
Anna Stetsenko@anna_stetsenko
Guys, I love your design!!! Salary calculators are really useful
Alexandra DosiiMaker@alexandra_dosii · Contributor, GlossaryTech
@anna_stetsenko So great to hear that, thanks!
Andrew StetsenkoMaker@stetsenko_me · Founder @ | GlossaryTech
@anna_stetsenko, thank you, sista :) We want to be sure that people understand that numbers from calculators are NOT 100% precise, but it gives the clear expectations about the reality in a country
Great tool! But, stop focusing only on Developer... Miss of Product Managers, Product Designer job position.
Andrew StetsenkoMaker@stetsenko_me · Founder @ | GlossaryTech
@iamvah Thank you for your comment! Well, we actually had openings for both Product Designers and Product Managers. We're now planning to focus on adding jobs, so I'm sure these job positions soon will appear on the platform again.