Graphics That Design Themselves.

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It's been fun watching @CraigCarpenter and @ZengVictor build RELAY. They set out to make producing professional-grade graphics for social media as easy as generating a meme, and they nailed it. RELAY is a killer app for any business or organization that needs to engage customers, stakeholders, etc. on social media. In a few clicks, RELAY turns a line of copy and an image into a kaleidoscope of ready to use graphics—all perfectly formatted for the major social media platforms. RELAY is a huge time saver for social media pros and a lifeline for social media noobs. They’ve made the content creation process so fast and so easy, anyone can do effective inbound marketing. If you’ve wanted to up your game on social media, but didn’t think you had the time or graphic design skills—think again!
Huge fan of Relay. Personally I'm terrible at making images and typically have to wait for a team member to create something for me. Now with Relay I no longer have to wait, I can do it myself. Had an image this weekend I made using their app on the fly and it was shared by hundreds. Had I not used their tool it never would happen. Super easy to use and the team is incredible. Highly recommend. Great job guys!
Product Hunt aside, I've been a huge fan of Relay for quite some time. This goes back to January when they were still taking their first steps. @CraigCarpenter has come a LONNGG way and the product, impressive in it's infancy, has taken giant leaps forward to the point where I recommend my clients to use it, as well as my own team. As a Digital Marketing Agency, I Can't stress enough how important Graphic Content is for any business trying to make their mark online, and with Relay it empowers those who aren't artistic or gifted - it even takes out the drag and drop guess work that some other programs out there allow you to do, by giving you highly optimised, layouts that you know will work. Fun Story (Case Study) My agency runs FB Ads like mad (over 1k ads a week), and out of pure curiousity, I decided to run a A/B Split Test. 1 Campaign of $200 Ad Spend with 10 Non-Relay Graphics 1 Campaign of $200 Ad Spend with 10 Relay Graphics made using their layout suggestions After a week the Relay Campaign outperformed the first campaign significantly, I saw a CTR of 5.8% while the other was 2.2%, CPC was about 60 cents lower, and the Relevance Score was a 9 compared to the latter which was a 7. Take it for what it's worth, but people who know me, know that I don't give my stamp of approval without testing the product to see what it's made of. Relay is the future.
I heard of RELAY a long time ago but just became a paying customer within the last week. It has been one of a handful of products that I had been waiting patiently to "need" so that I could finally give it a try. I think they've done a great job making it dead simple to create promotional graphics that are nice to look at. Frankly, I'm surprised at the low number of upvotes. I wonder if that's because a search for "relay" from the PH home page turns up everything BUT this RELAY. Pretty frustrating results when you're searching for something you KNOW is here. I had to go find the founder's profile and get to this listing from there. (Why is that @rrhoover?) Like @rossdcurrie, I too got an email from RELAY about them being on PH. I could tell they were being really careful not to ask for upvotes - heck - they didn't even put a link in the email to this page! Anyway, great job @CraigCarpenter. I look forward to seeing where RELAY goes from here.
@nichediver @rrhoover @rossdcurrie Thanks for the shout out Brandi! I was certain we'd spark a lot of conversation but no one can seem to find us. I was recommended not to link directly to this page so I sent everyone to the PH homepage. In all honesty, I'm a little concerned we're going to miss an opportunity here to chat about what we've been up to. I love geeking out about design, branding and tech but it seems a somewhat dead here for sure. Hoping it gets sorted out and thanks again for the kudos and support!
"no one can seem to find us" Basically it's because your site hasn't been hunted. It's been submitted to the public queue by someone with comment access. I wrote a Reddit comment the other day that kind of sums it up.
I've been watching RELAY for awhile now, since infancy...great founder, great app, and they are certainly on a mission. Happy to support them!