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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 25, 2016
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We've started by connecting event data from Segment. We'll add more sources soon. In the mean time, I wrote a getting started tutorial if you don't use Segment and you're built on Rails.
Been using this for a few days now - it's pretty cool!
@audreymelnik Thanks, Audrey!
This is fantastic. Was thinking of building this the other day, happy to see someone has already done it! Signed up and am now a paying customer. Way to go!
@marcopetkovski Thanks Marco! Glad to have you on board.
We've been doing this without Relay and it's amazing how much the visibility helps motivate our team. If we didn't already have the custom infrastructure for this built out, I'd use Relay in a second. Pricing seems pretty good for the most part as well. Though, these type of services really do add up so choose wisely.
@codypeterson Hi Cody - Sorry we didn't find you before you built out a customer integration, but really great to hear validation on how access to this information is helping motivate the team. We think the transparency is really going to help make building "customer-centric" teams much easier. Thanks for the comment!
This looks cool - nice complement to Smooch (which is great if you want to send an event-triggered message to your users rather than your team).
@f_j_j_ Thanks, Francis! We have a main product ( that allows for those event messages to go to your users (via email or in-app).