Relaxing World

Create your ambiance and mood using high-quality 3D sounds

Relaxing World gives you an opportunity to create an ambiance that perfectly meets the needs of your body and mind, improves your mood and mental state, and enhances the positive perception of the world.

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Hi, my name is Alex Kopachov. I developed a cool new web app called Relaxing World that allows to create wonderful sound scenes, which meets the needs of user's body and mind, improves user's mood and mental state, and enhances the positive perception of the world. You can select one of the wonderful backgrounds and combine different calming and soothing sounds to form a relaxing ambiance. You can arrange the sounds as you like, get your headset and listen to the sound of fireplace right in front of you, a cat purring on your right, and the rattling of the rain far away in the background. You will be surprised to discover that Relaxing World can make your life easier and more enjoyable. It helps you reduce stress and increase calm, quiet your mind and improve your mood, increase your focus and concentrate yourself. It is a marvelous means of fighting insomnia and a helpful instrument for parents to pacify their fussy and crying babies. We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Cheers!
@akopachov It would be sweet if you could decrease the volume of features, for example if I want the rain to be the strongest sound, and just want the train featured lightly in the background. Otherwise, love the variety!
@lejlahunts, Thank you for reply and suggestion. Actually it's implemented. Just try to right-click or double-click (or long tap for touch-enabled devices) on sound. Properties window will appear where you can set volume of sound, pause it, or set intervals.
@akopachov Told my girlfriend I'm at the cafe working. Works great while I'm at home ;)
@mirmayne Ha-Ha! Nice idea! ;) I couldn't even imagine such usage of this app :)
Interesting concept. What's the reason for having a woodpecker sound? It kind of ruined it for me.
@jeffrey_wyman, thank you for your reply. My thinking is that some sound which one person doesn't like my be pleasant for other person. Btw, what do you mean by "woodpecker sound"? I double checked collection and didn't find sound with this name.
@akopachov @jeffrey_wyman I think he means the woodpecker in the "morning forest" sound. It's a bit overpowering and harsh in relativity to the rest of the sounds of birds in the trees.
Hello everybody, I'm pleasant to announce absolutely new version of Relaxing World. It's hosted on the same known domain but it's faster, better and has offline-mode.