Pure relaxation in your browser

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My browser just turned into a beautiful tropical beach. I could get used to this! via @dittes
@robjama thanks! hope this helps to relax a little during the holidays...
fun little app. BTW, the cat is hot as fuck, which is why his tongue is hanging out his mouth. Doesn't add to my relaxation since that cat isn't comfortable. :)
@micah the cat is called 'Lil Bub' and quite famous ( - the tongue is hanging out due to a gene defect not due to the heat...
@dittes oh really? Well, then its much more relaxing ... :)
@micah was a bit shocked at first, but the cat seems to be alright. I'm glad it's more relaxing now... ;)
@dittes It's great. I now know what a polydactyl cat is.
It would be great if the site hides all but the video when you go fullscreen! I've been looking for a nice 'screensaver' for my tv/media centre
@kilianvalkhof Thank you for the feedback! You can try the fullscreen mode - just move your mouse down to the bottom and a menu will show up...
Supernice and chilled app! Used it several times, really distresses. And yes, the cat is hot as hell ;-)
It's full of stars!