Build your own advanced VR headset for $100

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 21, 2018

I’m 16 and I built my own VR headset with my best friends, Jonas Ceccon, Gabriel Combe and my math teacher. And it ended up costing us $100. Basically a VR headset consists of two things, tracking the player movements and rendering a stereoscopic view (with illusion of depth) of a 3D environment according to the player movements.

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This is an amazing product, VR finally entered the DIY space ❤️ - Cheaper than every other VR-headset - Learn something new - Build your own stuff - Do it the way you want and like Congrats 👏
@jonathanvoelkle Thanks ! We keep improving it ! 😇
😍🤙 You can now chan with me and the Fellowship
This is super cool. Congratulations!
Great job !! 😊
Really cool project😎! It is great to see young students innovate the future 👍 chapeau 🎩