Start and stop your AmazonAWS instances on a schedule

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Remco Verhoef
Founder & developer
Maker here! We created Relais because we wanted to have a simple solution that could run instances on a schedule—giving you the ability to adjust their states when necessary and in turn, saving you money, time and potential issues in the product. For instance: You can run dev servers during working hours or add extra capacity during peak hours. The Amazon IAM rights necessary are start, stop and list.
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Cat Noone
CEO & Designer, Stark
Hey all! Was super happy to be a part of the product on the design end of things. Relais is definitely in it's first stages, so I and we would love and encourage feedback to ensure it's set up the way you want and providing you with what you need. Tell me and us what makes sense and what doesn't, along with any vision you may have. Thanks, friends!