A minimal, lightweight MacOS desktop app for RegEx

Regxr is a minimal and lightweight MacOS desktop application that allows for easy checking of regular expression pattern matching.


+ Syntax highlighting

+ Dark and light modes

+ Minimal and simple to use

+ Live preview of multiple pattern matches

+ Full screen support

+ Reference manual

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Marcin Krzywonos
CEO at @Apptorium
Unfortunately it's a plagiary of
Dan CastonguayLead Software Architect, Acsis Inc.
@m_krzywonos Thank you for posting this... I was just going to. The layout of the elements in the window are identical, the colors are nearly identical, and the way the help info on the right is laid out is nearly identical. I feel like this should be removed from PH. EDIT I just realized you're the founder of Apptorium! I love Expressions and use it constantly! Great work on the (original) app!
Regxr (now named feather) is free and open source while expressions is definitely more polished and is $7. Personally, I prefer as it does a good job breaking down the expression for you.
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Thanks for hunting @leonardofed, do you know who the maker is? Would be great to credit them.
Dave SandersDeveloper Designer, Kalon Creative