An app to play with regular expressions. Easily and nicely.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
My own disappointment is that there is no android or iOS app. Really would like an app to do regex in
@jamie_ross I'm so interested. What are you writing regex on mobile for?
Nice, this is perfect. I've been trying to learn more regular expressions for Workflow and it's a pain testing them in web apps.
@jamie_ross it would be helpful in studying. We will consider that
This is ace. A nice addition would be interactive lessons that teach basic to intermediate users how to use Regular Expressions. The app would make it a cinch to visualize what each "instruction" of an expression does.
@joshuapinter i agree. at least some sort of cheatsheet would be nice. until then im sticking with
@gopietz @joshuapinter Done! Check out the latest version
@m_krzywonos @joshuapinter hey thats cool! however the sample text on the bottom doesnt seem to render smoothly. especially something like a €-symbol
This looks so nice - I'm downloading and playing with later. I usually use, but this looks much nicer.
Would love to see this on Windows also?
Beautiful! Just bought, nice work.