Refugees Welcome

An p2p attempt to solve the refugee housing problem in EU

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The refugee situation gets harder and harder for european governments to handle (and ignore). It's amazing to see all those different grass-root movements that try to solve this as well. From toys, food for children up to providing shelter. Some seem very idealistic, some very pragmatic. Personally i am just excited that people are actually trying to do something within their means (to change or create attention). As always with solving problems - it takes a lot of iterations to get it right.
Oh wow @imjaredz and I were just about to make this! Glad someone beat us to it :)
Products like these put a smile on my face :) Bravo guys!
Great initiative, guys! Here is one more initiative in the same genre -
Well done for this, really glad to see more projects in this vein! #RefugeeCrisis