Easily create custom dashboards for your users

#4 Product of the DayAugust 10, 2015
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@abilmes this is huge. Do you think I can use it to build live KPI dashboards for my teams ?
@guillaumecabane You can embed Reflect anywhere. We'll be reaching out to you soon!
do you ingest events via segment?
@plc We're actually working on a Segment integration. Currently you can push data to our API, or dump into S3. Would love to hear more about your use case.
looks cool! would love to try it out!
@lorismaz We'll be reaching out to you shortly.
Wahou, this would help a lot with what I'm building right now. Would love to try it out (I requested access from your site)!
Would love to try it out! Do you add the menu (screenshot 1, left) via API or a UI?
@connor_irl You would add it via code. You actually embed our analytics in your own template, so you can use whatever you want to build out the UI.