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Reffo is a community that empowers candidates by providing anonymous feedback on any job offer.
Lucas Gerbeaux
Julien Salvi
Nathan Bardoux
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    Straight to the point


    Still early, will get increasingly more useful as more features roll out

    Love the idea. The market is very skewed towards employeers who hold way too much power and too much information. Employees could use more transparency and leverage to get their true market value!

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Geoffrey Tisserand
Geoffrey TisserandMaker@geoffrey___ · Creator @reffohq - Engineer @instacart
Hello PH and thank you @picsoung, My name is Geoffrey and I am the creator of reffo. After leaving my company last year and receiving a few job offers, I quickly realized that I wasn't up to date with the current market. I simply couldn't tell if my offers were fair or if I was getting low balled and had room for negotiations. I thought I could get some salary data by looking at Glassdoor and co. but ended up finding stale and sometimes erroneous numbers. I ended up posting my offers on @teamblindapp and was able to get some valuable feedback there but wasn't really able to easily discover other recent offers for these companies. I needed a place where I could input all my numbers and where people could then anonymously comment on my job offers to give me feedback or even negotiation tips. And so I started coding I released an alpha version a month ago and I am now ready to launch on PH. Next, I'd like to add more content around offer negotiation and equity guide which are two subjects near and dear to my heart. I will also add soon a way for candidates to request and receive job referrals very easy. Please share any feedback you have on the idea and/or execution. Cheers and happy job hunting!
Ahmad Awais ⚡
Ahmad Awais ⚡@mrahmadawais · Google Dev Expert / Node.js CommComm
@picsoung @teamblindapp @geoffrey___ Awesome resource! 💯 Keep keeping it up :)
Nicolas Grenié
Nicolas GreniéHunterHiring@picsoung · Developer Advocate, Typeform
Job Hunting is hard... From finding the companies you want to work for, to preparing for the interviews till landing the job... it's not an easy game. But once you score an offer (and hopefully more than one!) it's not over... You will have to discuss and negotiate that offer (always negociate!). There are plenty of services to help you with all the other parts of the job hunting, but none to help you land the best offer. Reffo is the perfect tool to have all the cards in hand and evaluate well what you will get on the job. You can compare the different offers you get and ask for feedback from the community. This is the first product of my buddy @geoffrey___ and I believe it has a lot of potential to empower candidates. Give it a try 😉
Nick Vivion
Nick Vivion@worldli · Helping brands communicate better
What an excellent idea and resource for everyone! Thanks 🙏
Geoffrey Tisserand
Geoffrey TisserandMaker@geoffrey___ · Creator @reffohq - Engineer @instacart
@worldli Thanks, hopefully can help some job seekers!
Jessica Turner
Jessica Turner@jessalyst · Senior Product Strategist
This is brilliant @geoffrey___! The job/candidate hunting process is heavily skewed in the employers court where they can easily take advantage of a potential candidates lack of knowledge around a fair salary. +1 to more transparency in the world 🙏
Geoffrey Tisserand
Geoffrey TisserandMaker@geoffrey___ · Creator @reffohq - Engineer @instacart
@jessalyst appreciate it 🤩Hopefully it will also help reducing/removing salary gaps and inequalities at the offer stage rather than later and get us closer to a fairer world.