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Hey all… excited to be on Product Hunt! We’re assuming that since you’re on here, you commonly do the following: 1) sign up for new products & services 2) share product recommendations with others But, how often are you using Referral Links? You probably used one when signing up for Uber, Lyft, and maybe Airbnb… but, hundreds of other popular companies offer these. Here are just a few of the many others: - Amazon - Dollar Shave Club - Spotify - Equinox - Fiverr - Evernote - Orbitz - Shopify - Eventbrite - Shyp - Coinbase @joeszynal and I built this as a side product because we kept using people’s recommendations and referring others, but never used referral links. Our Chrome extensions solves this problem. Whenever landing on a site with a referral program, a slider will drop down showing you the available referral links. If we have a FB friend of yours with a link, we’ll show you that. If not, we’ll give you a generic referral link to get the associated benefit. You can also enter your own referral links into our system. We’ll show them to any of your FB friends landing on that site. Referral benefits range from $5 in credit to a free Tesla… seriously, Tesla was giving away a car for referring like 10 people. Also, a couple weeks back, some guy became a millionaire for referring people to Personally, I’ve gotten a dozens of free Uber rides, Shyp credit, cash from Eventbrite, flowers, stickers, and all kinds of other perks for entering my links into Referred Club. It’s Free to use. Thanks in advance for any feedback from the community!
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This is a pretty sweet extension. Referred Club = Free money
I can attest to how awesome this extension is I've been using it for almost a year now! Very great resource!
Thanks, @henkholveck - We appreciate the kind words!
This is so cool, free marketplace for referrals !
Works like a charm! Keep up the great work Mike!
Thanks, @alexreinlieb! Will use your referral link next time I see it drop down as a "thanks" :-)