Referral HQ

Get referrals at Google, Facebook, and other top companies!

Referral HQ matches you with employees to get referrals at top companies including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and others! Have a 15-minute chat with the employee, after which they’ll decide if they want to refer you.

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@zuhayeer There is a fundamental problem with this idea. The employees geting paid is equivalent to being bribed. How do I know? I built a similar platform over an year ago and archived it after finding the negative side of it. The only legal way is to get paid by the company not employees.
@zuhayeer @ram_rayavarapu Appreciate the candor here. Employees have to go and screen a number of candidates to determine who might be a good fit for the company. This process benefits the company and is time consuming, hence the fee. I would imagine that there will be bad actors who wouldn't thoroughly screen applicants. We'll have to take measures in the future to make sure that the ecosystem creates a mutual benefit for the company, employee and the candidate. Let me know if this explains it. And feel free to ping me if you have any more questions!
@abdella6if hey not to discourage but help. If the company pays their own employees for bringing referral, that would be legal. If the employees getting paid by outside companies for internal positions, it's rare they choose most qualified over most paid! You will understand when you give it a close look. Let talk after you understand this.
Hey everyone! My good friend Abdellatif just launched Referral HQ as a way for folks in tech to get referrals at top companies even if they may not be as well connected or established on paper! It's a great way for people to help each other out and root for the underdogs! ✌️
@zuhayeer How are you reaching out to people from corporates who will help you with the referral ?
@zuhayeer @shreyaa_ratra We got a few people from Google, Facebook, Uber and Amazon lined up pre-launch to satisfy the initial need. And we're hoping to get more folks signed up with the beta launch!
@zuhayeer @abdella6if How will you reach out to these people ? Directly partner with corporates or through some other way ?
This is a great idea, has the potential to help so many people land a job in tech! 😸 congrats on the launch!! 🎉
Hey! Nice work! I just showed this to my friends and they dig the idea. Is it possible to browse through a list of companies before signing up?
Thank you for hunting us @zuhayeer! Hello PH 👋, Referral HQ is a weekend project that I worked on to allow people to get referrals at top companies even if they don’t know someone first-hand there. During my senior year of college, I was privileged enough to know people at almost every big tech company and get a referral from them (and in most cases an interview). However, this is not the case for a few of my friends. When I tried introducing them to employees at those companies, the employees were too busy or hesitant to refer them primarily due to the lack of an incentive. The goal of this product is for employees to refer candidates who they think would be a good fit for their company. We EMPHASIZE that people refer those who they believe would be fit for the position in order to create a healthy ecosystem. This way the company benefits by hiring rockstar candidates, the employee receives a referral bonus and gets rewarded for their time and the candidate gets the job. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to let me know or ping us at