Using Employee referrals as your competitive advantage

Referon’s mission is to marry intuitive technology with team humility, enabling businesses to make better talent searches through employee referrals. We leverage technology to empower businesses to be the best they can be, providing a communication platform built for modern hiring.

Beautiful UX! I an exciting improvement to recruiters.
Looks interesting! I saw the performance rating feature - curious, what is it and how does it influence referrals and the people who refer? 🤔
@zelena we're aiming to create a cultural of transparency and feedback in order to optimise referrals, allowing companies to hire at scale through trusted sources. The performance rating feeds in to gamification, increasing engagement and participation in referral programmes. Also, the performance rating allows HR to follow up and feedback to the person making the referral. Essentially, allowing them to develop their skills as a referrer/recruiter, once again, so they can continually improve, earn more money and help develop great teams. I'd be happy to jump on a call at some point this week and chat it through with you.
This is a really interesting product. Our organisation uses email for employee referrals which seems quite old age. A lot of organisations over here in India use internal job portals which are really outdated design wise and need a serious upgrade. Your website looks sleek and hope your product is sleek too! Questions: 1. Will your website just be about referrals? Or will it offer a complete HR suite. 2. If it won't offer a complete HR suite, will it integrate with the other existing popular ones?
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks for the interest. Initially, we are looking to do one thing well, employee referrals, huge opportunity is missed through not running a slick referral operation. Yes, we are looking to integrate with HR Suites and Applicant Tracking Systems. Let me know if you're keen for a chat, it would be great to discuss further.
@tompughjones congrats on your PH listing! Glad to see such an interesting HR solution. We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Refereon at please PM me at for more detail
@startupradius @paul_shuteyev thanks, I have followed up!