See your friends’ referral codes and share your own

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 26, 2018

Wish friends would use your referral codes when signing up for new services but don’t want to spam everyone on Facebook? Curious what services your friends use?

ReferCodes lets you put your referral codes for popular services (Uber, Airbnb, Coinbase, etc.) all in one place (with a nice short URL, e.g. and helps friends find them.

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Very much a work in progress. Would love to hear your feedback as well as what services you’d like to see added. I’m working on adding several more. It’s actually been surprising to see just how many services use referral codes/links these days.
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@jeffbowen very cool idea. Simple, yet effective. What's the plan for expanding affiliate Services available?
@calebsylvest Thanks! For now, it’s just seeing which services people most want added (from links pasted in the search box and from PH/Facebook/Twitter discussion) and adding a few features to support some of the edge cases I’ve discovered in how certain services do their referral links/codes.
@jeffbowen Other ways to create an account on the horizon?
@ryannegri Yep. Getting started (and for simplicity), Facebook made the most sense so that everyone has their friends there by default. Curious, what would be your preferred method and why?
Check out this cool project from Jeff Bowen. Your friends can use your referral code for a new service instead of a stranger's. I've also found it great for keeping all of my referral codes in one place. Basically, you win and your friends win.
@dyah10 Thanks, Dominique! “You win and your friends win” +1 👍

maybe my friends won't find my referral links as annoying anymore... ;)


simple navigation, easy to add my codes



Ha! I see myself using this as I maintain a long list of cool services and app referrals on Dropbox Paper. This is neat and clean. Btw, consider adding Amazon (with multiple country support), DigitalOcean, Honey etc. to the list of supported services. Feature requests- Easily embeddable code for blogs/ posts and allow us to edit profile pic/ details.
@binoyxj Thanks! Great ideas and service suggestions. Adding them to my list. Would love to see your Dropbox Paper list if you're willing to share (maybe message it to
@jeffbowen Not sure if I can share, it's a mess with personal notes in it. Btw, I've already shared many cool websites via search and Messenger. So, consider adding them pro-actively.
@binoyxj No worries. Yeah, I've got a big list of services to start adding once I get a couple more features in. Stay tuned. Thanks!

Such an excellent idea. Really beneficial, both as a referrer and as a referree. ... Not to be confused with a referee. But I guess the guys in stripes could probably benefit from this, too.


Easy to use. I like the simplicity of being able to paste in a code and have it auto-sorted.



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