Share your code instantly for refactoring and code review

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Hi everyone! Weiting from Codementor here! We're launching - a simple tool for developers to share code instantly for refactoring and code review. Let us know if you have any questions & feedback! Cheers!
@weitingliu Hey sounds interesting 😀 Can you tell a little bit about how it works?
@doefler @weitingliu thanks! is a Gist-like simple tool for you to share a code snippet with other fellow developers for code reviews and refactoring. Give this a try and I think it should be self-explanatory!
@weitingliu What might the distinct benefits be as opposed to a gist?
@rob__race @weitingliu we wanted to make the whole experience for sharing *and* refactoring to be as lightweight and snappy as possible - something that doesn't require forking or even login
Great idea! Have you thought about monetization yet? I assume a 2 sided marketplace, eventually?
@billhendricksjr Codementor ( our core product) is a 2 sided marketplace ! :)
A way to chat and interact with reviewer should be academic at this point. More deeper integration with Github (similar to CircleCI) is invaluable. Will try soon.
Love the "test your skills" angle -- just the right touch of gamification that makes me *want* to get the review, just to see where I stand.