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Weiting Liu
Weiting LiuMaker@weitingliu
Hi everyone! Weiting from Codementor here! We're launching - a simple tool for developers to share code instantly for refactoring and code review. Let us know if you have any questions & feedback! Cheers!
Kim Døfler
Kim Døfler@doefler · Entrepreneur and tech lover
@weitingliu Hey sounds interesting 😀 Can you tell a little bit about how it works?
Weiting Liu
Weiting LiuMaker@weitingliu
@doefler @weitingliu thanks! is a Gist-like simple tool for you to share a code snippet with other fellow developers for code reviews and refactoring. Give this a try and I think it should be self-explanatory!
Rob Race
Rob Race@rob__race · Founder of
@weitingliu What might the distinct benefits be as opposed to a gist?
Weiting Liu
Weiting LiuMaker@weitingliu
@rob__race @weitingliu we wanted to make the whole experience for sharing *and* refactoring to be as lightweight and snappy as possible - something that doesn't require forking or even login
Bill Hendricks
Bill Hendricks@billhendricksjr · Product Manager, Servant Leader
Great idea! Have you thought about monetization yet? I assume a 2 sided marketplace, eventually?
Weiting Liu
Weiting LiuMaker@weitingliu
@billhendricksjr Codementor ( our core product) is a 2 sided marketplace ! :)
Vadi@vadivelk · Craftsman
A way to chat and interact with reviewer should be academic at this point. More deeper integration with Github (similar to CircleCI) is invaluable. Will try soon.
Robin Johnson
Robin Johnson@nibornez · Co-Founder, SKIT! Kids
Love the "test your skills" angle -- just the right touch of gamification that makes me *want* to get the review, just to see where I stand.
Dustin W. Stout
Dustin W. Stout@dustinwstout · Social media, design, blogging & coffee.
Very cool!