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Hey PH! Emmanuel from Reedsy here! 👋 There’s a world of stories out there (over a million books self-published every year), and Amazon’s automatic recommendation emails are not doing a great job at suggesting them. Traditional media like The NYTimes or The Guardian couldn’t care less about self-published books. We think that really sucks. Today we’re launching Discovery to solve just that, and help authors reach their target market (the same way Product Hunt helps startups find their early adopters). We were a team of 5 to work on this first version and would love to get your feedback 🙏 Emmanuel
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@emmanuelnataf As an avid reader for this kind of passion books, thank you!
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It allows for people to make a name for themselves reviewing books and can show you what book is best suited to your tastes. Amazing addition to the platform.


This is so cool!! Fresh books from all the reedsy authors and more! This company is on a fast track to dominating the literary world.


It's early days, looking forward to seeing how many authors go on to submit their books.

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With visibility being the toughest challenge for authors, Reedsy Discovery offers authors a needed service in an easy to use package.


Reedsy is giving authors a clear space for discovery!


It would help for the opportunity to choose more than one reviewer to balance out shared reviews.

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This is awesome! I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview with a full walkthrough from @ricardofayet and wow is this polished, thoughtful, and a great experience for both authors and reviewers. Killer work on this Reedsy! No doubt this is going to make a big impact for self-published authors.
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@willdages Thank you, Will! Hope we can incorporate audiobooks into the mix of Reedsy Discovery soon :)
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Seems like a fabulous product. How are the reviewers selected?
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@rachel_zaouche Hi Rachel! Reviewers apply and our team manually reviews applications. We look at: previous experience reviewing books, quality of the reviews published on their own blog, following on Goodreads and other social platforms.