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I'm a big fan of Reedsy. The publishing industry continues to see disruption from various places, including Reedsy. Authors, of significant popularity, are coming from everywhere, and Reedsy provides a great platform for them to now write, design and publish their books. The book editor is one more step to helping authors get their content into the world. Disclosure: I'm an investor in Reedsy.
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Hello Product Hunt! Founder of Reedsy here, happy to respond to any question you might have about the Reedsy Book Editor. You can also read more about how we built it here: http://blog.reedsy.com/reedsy-bo... You can see a sample of a formatted book here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/789vh8...
@emmanuelnataf Looks fantastic! Two questions for ya -> 1. Is there any way to import content from an RSS feed? 2. Is there a read-time feature? I like to know how long a chapter would take average readers, so that I can balance the book out into manageable chunks.
@msitver Hello Michael, 1- We plan to add import from most traditional text files (doc, rtf, etc.) but not from an RSS feed at the moment (first time we see demand for it). We'll have a think though, an RSS feed is pretty straightforward to import! 2- Statistics/analytics about the book is planned. So a lot of more than read-time is coming :).
@emmanuelnataf @msitver love the idea for an RSS feed import.
@medoane @msitver Ok… seems like I *really* have to work on it :)
@emmanuelnataf homepage looks great. I haven't signed up for a trial, but I have a few questions: 1. Is it possible to insert images inline? I write mostly technical books with lots of screenshots. 2. What does code formatting look like? (as in, can I format text "as code") 3. Why no MOBI export?
Looks like a really well designed tool. Good work
Great. I'm looking for an editor to write the first book. Basically I see Reedy is great .
@lekha25049632 Once signed in, feel free to ask for recommendations via the Help! button :)
See u guys using the medium edit bar....well played my friends...well played 🤔
@yourstrulyconor Hehe, thank you! It's the new standard!
@emmanuelnataf yeah Medium really hit the nail on the head with it.