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Emmanuel Nataf — CEO at Reedsy
What if any author could work with Barack Obama's editor or Stephen King's designer to create a bestselling book?

At Reedsy, we're making that possible: we recently launched a curated marketplace for publishing professionals. We allow authors to find and collaborate with about 300 top editors, designers and (soon) marketers.

On top of that, we allow any author to create beautiful webpages that they use to market their books. Their fans can follow them and be notified about new releases or blog posts. Here's for instance bestselling author Sara Raasch's profile:

You can read more about Reedsy here:

We look forward to helping you on your book. Any feedback on our product would be very appreciated!
Ben Yoskovitz — Entrepreneur, investor & author
I like how Reedsy is both trying to democratize book publishing and improve book marketing, two areas that I believe need a lot of help + effort. Having published a book I saw the challenges across the board -- the writing, it turns out, is often the easiest part of the experience (and most fun), but editing, book design, and most importantly marketing/promotion are hard and often "black boxed" by publishing companies. This is changing now, and at an accelerated pace, with companies like Reedsy and others pushing hard. Disclosure: I'm an investor in Reedsy.
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