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#4 Product of the DayOctober 02, 2015
Neat concept, @teohseongyee. We're working on a big redesign of PH and I know @shaunmodi and @stephnbain are excited to share the thought process after it's live.
Thanks @rrhoover. Always been a huge fan of PH. Can't wait for the huge redesign and i bet products and designs enthusiasts out there will be thrilled to know how PH team did it. Will definitely feature the story here at ReDsgn.Co.
Thanks for posting it @bramk! ReDsgn.Co is a curated site featuring worthy stories of how the most interesting products are redesigned; how designers around the world breath in exciting concepts for various tech products; and some unique point of view of how internet things are designed. (thus the three main filters — Live, Concept and Revisit) These stories are all over the place and I would very much love to share these amazing stories with fellow designers, students and anyone who loves explore the endless possibility of having a better product. Being someone who loves a good design and product, I decided to put together my bookmarks over the years in this site. I'm not a designer nor a developer, but I do hope that this site can help anyone who needs inspirations to make a better product and design better. Check it out and I do hope you creatives can find inspirations here. Cheers!
The main idea of ReDsgn.Co is to curate worthy stories of how interesting products are redesigned - These stories will walk the users through the steps and results undertaken in making better products. @teohseongyee can tell you more!
10 tabs and 30 mins later and I realize how inspiring it was to just "take a glance" at ReDsgn. Good stuff and thanks for sharing!
Thanks @ianthekid. Appreciate it much! More redesign stories will be added. Stay tuned!
I just love the sensation that I can spend hours exploring a product! Congrats @teohseongyee!
@rodrigoprior. Being someone who started out late, I explore product redesigns to expand my horizon. What's better than tapping into the mind of all these talented designers or product owners out there. Appreciate your comment mate!