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Wow, awesome to see this on here! We've been working on Reddo for a while and we were looking for a Product Hunt launch later this year. But hey, since it on here let's answer some questions. Thanks for the hunt @ozgrozer and for the add @chrismessina! We launched Reddo yesterday to see what people think of it and test our early version. Our main goal was to get early users to help us develop the future versions. Reddo visualizes your online identity as an abstract visual. Currently, it does this in a simple way: it takes your social media data and defines a couple of rules that have an impact on the visualisation. For example: the amount of posts on the social network define the color of your visualisation. If the amount of posts is relatively small, the color will have a blue tone. If the amount is high, the color will have a red tone. At the moment we are working on adding new features that are mostly focussed on new ways of getting data and a better outcome in the form of a physical product. It would be awesome if you guys would sign up for the beta list, so you can help us get to that version. Questions and feedback are more them welcome!
I like this:
Here's my Twitter identity. I'm not sure what it means though:
@rrhoover I had a similar image... from the site: "An example: if you are an active following person who posts a lot, you'll have a red straight image." Really want to see some crazier images from this 👻
@bentossell @rrhoover Yes, you're both probably really active on the social media channel you logged in with! We're also thinking of ways to improve the image. The biggest challenge in Reddo is to make the person who signed in recognise him/herself in the image that we provide.
@dennispassway @rrhoover Here's mine. X marks the spot?